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    Our Vision:   The Halethorpe Elementary School community strives to create a nurturing, learner-centered environment in which learners collaboratively engage in problem-solving experiences.  These experiences will equip students to be globally competitive citizens in a 21st century world. 

School Phone #:  410-887-1406

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Master Schedule by Grade Level 2021-2022

Google Meet Join Codes/Names IF We Need to Switch to Virtual Learning Plan

Office Hours
      During normal school hours Monday-Friday.  9:00 am - 4:15 pm.

                                               We are always available via email.  

              Principal:  Dr. Jill Carter                                                                jcarter2@bcps.org
              Assistant Principal:  Lisa DeDeo                                             ldedeo@bcps.org

              Administrative Secretary:  Deena MacDonald          dmacdonald@bcps.org
              School Secretary:  Brittany Snyder                                     

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All registrations are still virtual.  Please visit www.bcps.org for registration information and for the online registration link.  Parents should call to make an appointment for registration.  Registration is
still completed virtually, but we will provide assistance via phone as needed.  Please call (410) 887-1406,  for registration assistance.  We are available via email, as well (see above for office staff emails).  

School Guidance Counselor information
Magnet Program Liaison:  Ms. Jennifer Fischer                    jfischer2@bcps.org

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PreS & PreK (Fiddle's Classes and Lakata's Classes)
Grades 1-5 
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